Surgical Products
The range of Surgical Products includes corsets, pads and others. These are used for patients who are going thorough surgical procedures. These hygienic and safe to use products have anti-microbial surface.
Kidney Disease Medicines
This range of Kidney Disease Medicines is offered in capsule, injection and tablet forms. Based on formulation, these drugs are prescribed to treat protein metabolism deficiency and diabetic nephropathy. These are also useful to prevent kidney failure. Long lasting result is one of their main features.
Hepatitis C Treatment Medicines
Offered array of Hepatitis C Treatment Medicines is acknowledged for its long storage life, fast action, accurate composition and long lasting result. Advanced composition of these drugs prevents proliferation of virus in patient’s body. Reasonable price and high therapeutic value are some main features of these medicines.
Eye Drops
Provided Eye Drops are useful to treat number of eye disorders that include glaucoma, ocular hypertension, hypotrichosis of eyelashes etc. These medicinal items are also effective in improving vision. These are suitable for aged and adult patients. We offer these at reasonable price range.
Cardiovascular Medicines
Provided Cardiovascular Medicines are effective in preventing stroke by avoiding blood clotting in heart. These are also recommended to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. Administering of such medicines depends on physical and medical condition of patients. These have standard storage life.