Eye Drops

Offered range of Eye Drops can be accessed in different formulations to treat several disorders of eyes. Based on their content, these medications are recommended to treat ocular hypertension and glaucoma.  Provided medicines have significant role in improving vision. Based on composition, these ophthalmic solutions are also recommended to treat allergic reactions in eyes. These act as prostaglandin analogue that raises fluid flow in eyes to reduce eye pressure. Prostaglandin analog F2-alpha based variant of these Eye Drops readily absorbs through cornea. This specific version is prescribed to treat hypotrichosis of eyelashes. These liquid medicines are suitable for adults and aged persons. Standard of these medications has been verified on the basis of their content, therapeutic value and storage life.
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Xalatan Latanoprost 0.005% w/v Eye Drops

Price: 542 INR/Box

Xalatan 0.005% Eye Drop is used in the treatment ofglaucomaand ocular hypertension.Xalatan 0.005% Eye Drop is a prostaglandin analogue. It works by increasing the natural flow of fluid from the eye, thereby lowering pressure in the eye.

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Ophthalmic solution Eye Drops

Price: 100.00 - 200.00 INR/Pack

Careprost Eye Drop is used in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension.